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Look! Plushies! [entries|friends|calendar]
Melian: Queen to Thingol of Doriath

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[06 Jan 2004|11:04pm]
[ mood | shocked ]


-GASPS- FERRETS. EVERYWHERE. well, everywhere in rohan.


-bites nails, wants to go pet and cuddle ferret!eomer. worried she'll turn to a ferret as well if she teleports there. tears hair-

WHERE'S LUTHY! she's got to be the cutest ferret of all. -nods-

1 maia blessing-|- love me

[06 Jan 2004|08:27am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

HA! i put the little bugger on a leash to keep her from running off.

'bout gave me a heartattack when i woke up and she wasn't anywhere to be found. when she came bouncing back she said she was off talking to Mister Elf-man and his puppy. ...>_< because this explained so much.
so, yes, she's on a leash. tied to a tree. but i can't stop her from teleporting cookies, only teleporting herself.

why did i teach her this? i don't know. but she abuses it too much. -pats linithil's head, covers her ears-

Retiemas, my mun is forgetful, what does that water do again?

6 maia blessings-|- love me

[03 Jan 2004|01:59am]
[ mood | tired ]


she pouted until i gave her a journal.

oh well. the whole family's hooked up now. :) i apologize ahead of time to anyone she annoys. -pats linithil's head- she's off to bed now, though, so all is well.

1 maia blessing-|- love me

[25 Dec 2003|10:27am]
Okay, so I went shopping, and you all may recieve them late, but I atleast... did something. My mun is crying for lack of photoshop on this computer, but it works.

Eomer, Luthien, Retiemas and AragornCollapse )

oh, and all the children of MESPT have a present in there too.

I feel better. :)

Merry Erumas to all and to all a good nite! -gives plushies and plates of cookies-

[mun forgot to mention that she will be computerless until saturday or possibly sunday. hope you all have/had a merry christmas or whatever you may celebrate! ciao!]
4 maia blessings-|- love me

[23 Dec 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

That's it, fuckers, where are all of you lot? I'm just going to pop linithil and myself over there because I'm bored out of my bloody mind.


-eyes linithil. hides under a bush to nurse a migraine-

-insert italics here-

Oh, and the mun wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy End-of-the-year.

No, honestly, I love you all.

4 maia blessings-|- love me

[19 Dec 2003|03:16pm]
I find my mun to be rather disturbing - what with the whole alternate world in her head and everything. Ah, well.

Oh, by the by, I'm in the Shire. and bored. Although Linithil is very much amused because everyone is her size.

Someone feel like putting up with a maia and a maia-elfling for awhile? I need some form of amusement.
love me

[15 Dec 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

-runs around naked-

-pauses, runs back and covers linithil with a bush-

-frowns. covers self. sulks-

3 maia blessings-|- love me

[07 Dec 2003|10:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Well, I managed to talk Linithil into untying me. Took much persuasion, many cookies and empty promises to take her to Rohan.
Of course now that isn't looking like such a bad idea. A trip, I mean.
Where is everyone, anyhow?
Luthien? I spoke briefly to Eomer and Merry, but other than that it has been rather lonely and quiet. My plushie cabinet is rather full, and I've a new tray of cookies - and no one to eat them save Linithil and I, but we can only do so much damage.

And I've recently come upon a second-me. And also the fact that I missed my daughter's wedding. Hmm. :(

4 maia blessings-|- love me

[07 Dec 2003|08:41am]
[ mood | surprised ]

linithil has tied me to a chair.
i thought i'd be just fine, she's little after all.
but the little bugger tied it tight and the knot is impossible.
-sits, looks around-
-pulls at ropes-
where did that little brat go, anyway?

[melimun!: i honestly have no idea where melian is currently staying. i'd say Dol Amroth, but she'll be asking to stay with someone soon anyway.]

1 maia blessing-|- love me

[06 Dec 2003|04:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]

master merry seems to have returned to MESPT.
and seeing as how he is on my mun's friends list, she noticed.
and because my mun loves me and is bored, she remembered me and my long lost journal.

and so here i am. i've returned, though how active or how long, who knows. she's started finals, but she figures she could still be on a considerable bit.
so. where are my children? luthien? eomer?
linithil's here, she's nearly four now.

2 maia blessings-|- love me

[04 Jan 2003|07:52pm]
I have officially hired Goldie Gamgee as my messenger, as I'm far too busy with Linithil and -cough- Thingy. ;D

Goldie, your first assignment is to take muffin baskets to the following important people:
Merry Brandybuck
Aragorn son of Arathorn
King Samwise
Queen Frodo
Faramir Took
King Amroth
and lastly, Alcawyn.

The fact that I don't know half these people has nothing to do with it.

Oh. yes. -waves hand, gives Goldie powers so she can go fast, or what have you-. Hurry back, kiddo.

-prances back to Thingol- ;D ;D

* added three more for you, goldie-love. :)
13 maia blessings-|- love me

[04 Jan 2003|12:29am]
-covers linithil's ears-

Well. My mun saw the movie today. finally. The people behind her, hated her - as throughout the movie she stifled sexual outbursts, yelled hysterically at gimli, squealed whenever legolas or aragorn entered the scene, might as well have passed out of bloody existence when eomer was on screen [i was excited to, but...come on.... she went to far with the squealing and the hitting] and is now running around the basement with a miniature sword [property of legolas - the action figure] screaming about how she's going to kill everyone and how her family are stupid orcs and her father is the head of saruman's army.

yes. anyhow.

She has decided that I am not getting enough action around here. While the rest of Middle Earth is disgustingly horny [most, rather], I am acting rather innocent in my little corner of Valinor and whereever it is I live, with a baby.

And come on. I look pretty damn good for having two kids, and one recently.

-cough, uncovers linithil's ears-

That is all. Please continue.
14 maia blessings-|- love me

[31 Dec 2002|06:37pm]
[ mood | prancy ]


6 maia blessings-|- love me

[21 Dec 2002|08:55pm]

my mun's convulsing again.

she didn't get to see TTT last nite because her friends are stupid homicidal fucking bitches 'clutch pigs' and tricked her. -_-; she got to the mall and they steered her away from the movie theatre and dragged her around all nite. blast!

yeah. so she's convulsing again because she's going out of town tomorrow and probably won't get to see it until well into 2003.

-prods mun with newspaper-


love me

[19 Dec 2002|12:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm going to go visit Gil-Galad.

I haven't spoken with him in awhile. -sends a warning note with the fastest messenger she can find before sitting next to Linithil's cradle once more-

It seems to me, however, that he could use the company.

I wonder how Elanor fairs as well. And Dior.... and that seems to be the list of people I was ever on close speaking terms with.

-twiddles thumbs and waits for a return message-

2 maia blessings-|- love me

[ - insert insane mun post here - ] [18 Dec 2002|11:49pm]


-incoherent babbling, giggling and squeaks insert here-

-composes self-

going to see TTT on friday with a group of friends. wanted to go tonite, but i had too much to do. my secret santa in chorus is a huge LoTR fan and i bought her a merry actionfigure/orc guy, a merry/pippin bookmark, a journal [in which i drew legolas], and a pack of cards. and then, i bought for my very own...

yay. ^^;

it makes me smile before/after each final exam. -snuggles-

3 maia blessings-|- love me

[17 Dec 2002|04:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]

-sits with linithil upon a swinging bench hung beneath a dogwood. cooed softly to the baby as she rocked, not really looking at the child but off into the distance.-

linithil took ill last nite, so i was up all nite. i believe she might be better now, perhaps.

watching eomer and luthien together the last few days has been...amusing, to say the least. ; ) ^^;

i haven't seen thingol very often lately, of course there is much to do in Valinor. he needs to give linithil her fathername, soon - or i'll stop thingol!plushie production.

don't think i won't.

-yawns- i hope she doesn't wake up any time soon. -lays back against the cushions of the bench, shutting her eyes wearily to pass into sleep, linithil held firmly but gently in her arms.-

2 maia blessings-|- love me

no one make a journal! by punishment of awful horrrrrrrible plushie!death! [08 Dec 2002|11:04pm]
[ mood | tired ]

HOLY SHIT - I love you, Luthy, but I remember why I only did this once. Chocolate, I need lots and lots of chocolate.

Meanwhile, I suppose I might as well give you all a glimpse of the baby, I suppose. :)

Linithil. to sing to the moon.

I hope Thingol will be pleased....

[-yoinks Thingol into Valinor-]

yay! munpowers! :D

44 maia blessings-|- love me

[08 Dec 2002|09:18pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I've the midwife with me. Eomer, Luthien and the midwife will be attending me in my gardens in Valinor.

I haven't done this is ... centuries. its safe to say I am worried.

X3 but 'cited also!

we're off, Luthy and Eomer-dears.

[either later tonite or tomorrow nite i'll post with the baby and name. :D -loves Eomermun- Luthymun gave me permission to yoink. ;D]

8 maia blessings-|- love me

[01 Dec 2002|05:26pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

[mun post]

hey, loves. melimun here. um. yeah, its been awhile. anyway. mum ungrounded me over thanksgiving break, but there was no way i could have caught up with the happenings. anyhow. if mum ungrounds me over christmas break [doubtful with my U, D and 2 Cs] i might be back. hopefully. when i do come back, though, melian will have her baby. and a name for the baby. :) and i'll make some random story on where she's been.

i miss you all, you always knew how to make me smile. ♥
-loves of love-

9 maia blessings-|- love me

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